Superga X Leni Klum

Leni Klum is the new global Superga® Squad Ambassador

The new Superga® campaign reinvigorates their timeless designs to showcase the modern sneaker. This campaign mixes the classic Italian style with a joyful and youthful design permeating the collection.

We are thrilled to announce Leni Klum as the face of the Fall/Winter 2022 campaign. Leni perfectly embodies Superga® with an effortless, effervescent, and optimistic style and attitude for this new campaign.


The campaign embraces Leni’s youthful energy and upbeat personality, which remains an ever-present essence of the Superga® brand and focuses on the concept of timeless style – one of the core values of the brand.

In a sun-kissed Los Angeles, Leni Klum flaunts a mix of iconic and seasonal must-have Superga® styles. A day in the life of Leni captures the glamour, attitude, and energy of LA as she strolls in iconic Superga® styles. The shoe is enhanced in its very essence, an accessory that becomes the lead character and needs nothing but a strong, happy personality to emerge and shine by its own light.

This collection further emphasizes Superga®’s commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion, ensuring that the shoes are made from eco friendly materials like the 2790 COTW made with natural rubber and other styles such as the 1918 SLIDES made of faux fur. It was a natural relationship for the model and influencer to front as the face of this campaign as she has been a consistent advocate in the current climate crisis.

“My generation needs to think about sustainability and our responsibility to the planet to build a better future for ourselves. Superga® is a brand that takes these issues into consideration in their design and practices, which is another reason why I am excited to be working together.” – Leni Klum

This collection features many different styles including 2631 Stripe Platform shoe available in white and black made of vegan faux leather – perfect for strolling around the city. Additionally, the 2641 Alpina High Nappa, available in black, is a revamp of the classic high-top Alpina. This collection also features the 4089 Training 9ts Slim, an essential for a day at the gym or a quick trip to the farmer’s market. The campaign is perfect for those who are looking for a modern, timeless, and versatile shoe.


Leni wears (from the page top): 2631 STRIPE PLATFORM VEGAN FAUX LEATHER; 2790 COTW; 4089 TRAINING 9TS SLIM.